Our Nannies work a variety of full time, part time and casual hours. These are made up of 2 types of bookings:

Regular Bookings - Ongoing bookings for the same day and time each week as requested by a family, which requires a long term commitment.

Casual Bookings - Infrequent, irregular bookings with no future commitment.

Please note that we are unable to engage a nanny who does not have the required:

- 2 years experience caring for children

- Drivers License

- Car

- Minimum 18 Years Of Age

If you don’t meet this criteria, your application won’t be successful.

Which best describes the work you are currently available and looking for(Required)

Please enter your foreseeable availability for each day

To join our team of wonderful Nannies, you must have already had minimum 2 years experience caring for children. This can include your own children and grandchildren, babysitting, professional nannying, working in schools, childcare centres etc.

Please list minimum of 2 child related references that we can speak with prior to your phone interview. Please let them know we will be phoning.

Reference 1

Reference 2

Reference 3

Optional, in case we can not reach one of your first 2 options.

The following are mandatory requirements to work with Geelong Nannies. These can be obtained during the onboarding process, if you do not currently hold valid copies.

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Thank you for your interest in joining Geelong Nannies. We will be in contact with you within 7 days if your application has been successful!

The Team at Geelong Nannies

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