Fees & Rates


Regular Booking Fee
Per booking / per day

Casual Booking Fee
Per booking / per day

One-off Booking Fee
Per booking / per day
For non-registered clients
Payable by credit card at time of booking

Registration Fee
One-off payment to join our agency


Monday to Friday 7am-7pm

$28.50 / Hour

Monday to Friday 7pm-7am

$33 / Hour


$33.00 / Hour

$40 / Hour

Public Holidays
$57 / Hour

$205 / Flat Rate (7pm-7am)

Geelong Nannies provides different fees and rates based on your family’s needs. We offer full-time or part-time nannies, one-off childcare days, before and after school care, overnight care and casual babysitting. Contact us for more information about our services or to book childcare.

Registered Clients

For registered clients, we use a monthly billing system debited from your bank account or credit card. This outsourced system with PaySmart incurs an $15.00 set up fee added to your first debit and a $3.60 monthly administration fee (only charged if you have bookings that month).

One-off Booking

If you would like to try out our service before committing to register, you can make a one-off booking. Then, if you decide that you would like to register, your registration fee will be adjusted, so you won’t pay any extra for taking this option.

Can I claim the government rebate for a nanny?

Unfortunately, families cannot claim a rebate for in-home care unless they meet stringent criteria. For families that do qualify, another agency would need to be sourced who is a registered provider.

Your responsibilities when engaging a nanny directly

In the arrangement where you engage a nanny, whom you pay directly, you are deemed the employer. The following then applies to you.


If you are engaging a nanny in an arrangement where she/he works over 30 hours a week, you are required to pay her/his superannuation contribution. The nanny is classified as a domestic worker. Currently, the contribution is 10.5% of the nanny’s pay. Contributions are to be paid quarterly at a minimum directly to the nanny’s super fund.

More information about this can be found by visiting Paying Super Contribution.

Work Cover

If you are engaging a nanny in an arrangement where you expect to pay her/him over $7,500 a year, you are required to take out work cover insurance. Learn more about your Insurance Eligibility or on our Resources page.

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